Easy, Flexible, Robust

Three features that make a tool the best,
use a smart and customizable CRM
online tool to improve your business operations.


Beautiful & Robust

Loaded with exclusive and beautiful features, Salient allows you to build a website that will have your visitors drooling from the moment they enter.



You are able to connect with your customers wherever you are. You may attend your customers through your smartphone, tablet or pc. Every site where you would have an Internet connection.

Integration & Customization

Improve the app with your own ideas, connect with other systems and share information, reacts to events of others systems, customize your dashboard in order to make your work easier, and more.

Be Smart

Synapse CRM learn about the way you work, the CRM take your common activities and make suggestions about them, learn and optimize your workflow, help you to take desitions in a peculiar situation, and more.

Plug & Play Components

Choose the modules or components that you want to use in your Synapse CRM installation or build them, you do not need to know about programming, you can use our graphic login builder. You can buy extra modules from our store and customize them.

Build your own Synapse Module

Create your own Modules or modify your currents modules with JavaScript programming Language.

Be smart! Don’t matter whether you work in a Start-Up or a classic business, you need a good tool. Synapse CRM…

Flexible Implementation

  • On-Premise implementation friendly
  • On-Cloud service easy to use
  • Docker Container deployment available


  • Setup all items and services that you offer to your customers.
  • Make sales documents to your customers.
  • Manage sales opportunities with your customers and partners.




  • Customize the way of data processing
  • Create new data flows and his processing
  • Optimize the way of interaction between customers and CRM interacts.

Microsoft Dynamics GP/NAV/CRM

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP integration
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration

Reactive Integration

  • Handle external application requests through WebHooks
  • Publish RESTful services.
  • Publish WSDL web services.


  • Communicate with your client by E-Mail
  • Communicate with your customer through Instantaneus Messaging
  • Share Files, Plannifications, Objectives, Events, Activities with all stakeholders.

Synapse CRM is a great solution for everyone who wants to manage his company customers relationships. For me, Synapse is the center of all our information system in my company 'cause it is very easy and intuitive. I recommend Synapse.

Fabian Camargo, CEO TetraWeb

Synapse has all my data in the cloud, We can work anywhere site, with my smartphone, tablet or laptop. I like to connect my computer from the coffee shop and send some emails to my customers, see traffic inform of our sites, check the work of the entire team. I really love it.

Keinier Caboverde, CEO BETABOX Technologies
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The Power of smart people

Synapse CRM allow you customize it easily, in order to optimize your business process without changing them using JavaScript technologies, and if you don’t know how programming, Synapse offer you a great visual process graph designer that you can use to define your business rules and logic.

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